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Below are some issues that we have found during our Pre-Buy evaluations. Not all mechanics have the same standard. Every Pre-Buy we perform is done by a A&P, IA with over 20 years experience. We have saved our customers MILLIONS of dollars by doing a thorough evaluation. Our inspections are structured around your safety, as well as your internal and external knowledge of the aircraft. Please view our google reviews as testimonies to the value and care of our services. 

Florida, Georgia. South Carolina Pre-Buy Inspections

Cessna 421 Pre-Buy Inspection

Weed out the lemons by having a thorough Pre-Buy performed by A&P, IA with over 22 years of experience!  Borescope inspections of engine and airframe are important to do prior to purchasing any aircraft. The money saved by finding any hidden problems or damage before the aircraft is yours can literally save you $100,000 or more. 

Pre-Buy and Borescope inspection Flat Rate Prices

Pre-Purchase and borescope inspections are done by a 20+year experienced A&P and IA FAA Certified Mechanic. Includes complete borescope inspection of engine and airframe.

See our great reviews on Google Maps!

Aeronca / Bellanca / American Champ

Champ/Chief $800

Citabria/Decathlon $800

17-30/31 Viking $1,000


23/24 Musketeer/Sierra/Sundowner $900

33/35/36 Debonair/Bonanza $1,200

50 Bonanza Twin $1,500

55/56/58 Baron $1,500

60 Duke 48 hrs $2,000

76 Duchess $1,500

95 Travel Air $2,000


120 - 152 $800

170/172/175 $800

Hawk XP $1,000

172RG $1,200

177 $900

177RG $1,200

180/182/ T182 $1,000

182RG/T182RG $1200

185 17 hrs $1,000

185 Amphibian $1,200

188 $1200

205/206/207 $1,200

210/T210 $1,400

P210 $1,650

310/ T310 $1500

337/ T337 $1500

P337 $1800

340/402/404/414/421 $2,000

425, 441 $2,500

Cirrus and similar single engine composite aircraft

SR-20 and SR-22 $1200


AA1, AA5 $800


J3/J4/J5 $800

PA 11/PA 12/PA $800

PA 20/PA 22 $800

PA 24 180/250/260/400 $1,200

PA 28 140-180 $875

PA 28 R180-200 $1,000

PA 28 235 $1,000

PA 32-260/300 $1,400

PA32R-300/300T/301/301T $1400

PA 30 $1400

PA 23-160/235/250 $1,400

PA 31-300/310/325/350 $1,400

PA 46-310P/350P $1,400

PA 44 $1,400

PA34-200/200T/220T $1,400

PA 60 $2000

PA 600 Aerostar $2,000

PA 700 Superstar $2,000


Mooney M20 C/D/E/F/G/J $1,200


Legacy 390 $1,200

Legacy 550 $1,200

Lancair ES, ES-P, IV, IV-P $1,500

*We travel the entire United States on short notice. Price DOES NOT include travel expenses including airline tickets, hotels, car rental, or mileage due to off site locations or out of state pre-buys.


WE BORESCOPE THE ENTIRE AIRFRAME AND ENGINE. Your report will include a list of a discrepancies and you will be given access to a Dropbox with several hundred photos taken by borescope and camera.

A good pre-purchase evaluation will tell you exactly that you are getting into and may give you leverage in negotiating a better price. Florida aircraft are subjected to salty environment conducive to corrosion. We use a full articulating borescope to inspect airframe and engine components to be sure that you are not about to buy a LEMON! Our pre-buys are inspected by a 22+years experienced A&P and IA.

Pre-Purchase evaluations involving maintenance experts in an aircraft acquisition is time and money well spent!

One of the most exciting days in a person’s life is the day he or she purchases an aircraft. While this can be an exciting time, it also can be filled with challenges which is where our professional consulting comes in.

When buying an aircraft, it is important to have a qualified, neutral technician do a proper pre-buy of the prospective aircraft. When Mobile Aircraft Maintenance evaluates an aircraft for a client, we do just that.

Reasons to consult a qualified maintenance expert with your aircraft acquisition include:

-Purchasing an aircraft without the benefit of an experienced airframe and powerplant mechanic can lead to big expenses and unsafe conditions right away or even later on.

-An aircraft is a piece of machinery that can operate in diverse and extreme conditions. This operating environment places many different types of stress on the equipment.

-The Federal Aviation Administration regulations require that the aircraft must be maintained to an “Airworthy” condition. This airworthy assessment may be accomplished by many different mechanics with different skill levels and standards for determining airworthiness.

-In the past, we have seen individuals buying aircraft without the benefit of a quality pre-purchase evaluation and it almost always has led to a disappointing ownership experience, resulting in more downtime and more maintenance costs.

-Many potential buyers are attracted to an aircraft that has new paint and interior because “it looks good.” These “cosmetic overhauls” could be hiding a host of problems that only a trained eye could spot. Paint can hide a multitude of problems, i.e. corrosion, damage, or poor repair workmanship.

Some of the areas that you want to have a maintenance expert look at are:

Aircraft records, (logbooks, etc.) – are they complete and accurate?

Aircraft damage history – has the aircraft been involved in an accident?

Airworthiness Directive (AD) status – are all applicable AD’s complied with and signed off properly?

Maintenance status – are all inspection requirements up to date?

Engine condition and history – is the engine performing as it should?

System operations – are they functioning normally?

Modifications and proper recording of the modifications – are all FAA form 337s, STCs accounted for?

Corrosion damage – where has the aircraft lived? Is there hidden corrosion?

Always start the pre-purchase evaluation with clear and well-defined parameters so that everyone involved (the buyer, seller and inspector) are on the same page.

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